DJANDJI INTERIOR DESIGN / interior architect Monaco.

White, in all its forms, dominates in this apartment overlooking the Monte-Carlo port.

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A table uniting grace and solidity through the use of carbon fibre, Nomex, Corian and aluminium.

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this showcase incorporates all characteristics of today’s home automation systems.

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A mansion dating, entirely remodelled to adapt to the rhythm of family life.

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about us

Established in the heart of Monaco since 1980, Djandji Interior Design, launched by Interior Designer Carol Djandji, has made its mark not only at the local level but also internationally.

Carol Djandji and her team of professionals undertake both commercial and residential projects.

The agency’s keyword is “listening”… and at Djandji Interior, the team listens to you in five languages: English, French, Italian, Arabic and Turkish… and are working on their fluency in Russian...

This listening, along with an astute analysis of the needs, style preferences and objectives of the client, enables Djandji’s design team to propose pre-projects that correspond remarkably well to the client’s wishes.

Through close collaboration with their clients, Djandji Interior Design creates, conceptualizes and organizes the ensemble of the details necessary for the redaction of the call for bids.

Resulting from the constant exchange between client and designer at each phase of the project’s elaboration is the implementation of an interior design that surpasses the client’s expectations… and without “surprises”.

Their international supply networks and consistent presence at international trade exhibitions since 1979 have allowed them to propose a large selection of refined, innovative and high quality products. It is equally through this knowledge of the different materials available in the world of architecture, interior design, construction, lighting and furniture that Djandji Interior Design is able to propose made-to-measure products – tailored and produced upon your request and according to your desires.

Through her achievements, Carol Djandji has demonstrated that attention to detail and acquisition of new techniques, along with their implementation prestigious, innovative ventures, allow for project management that respects both timelines and price quotes, while paying close attention to providing exemplary quality.

Carol Djandji and her team would be pleased to meet with you in order to successfully carry out the interior design project of your dreams. For further information, kindly contact us or come to our agency.